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Aircraft Brokering

Our experience in sales, logistics, and paperwork allows us to sell your aircraft seamlessly. We can work with our clients to provide a one-stop shop for buyers to obtain delivery & training. We can target international audiences due to our experience with exporting and importing of aircraft. Our staff are experienced airplane owners and have ben through the purchase/selling process multiple times themselves. Contact us for rates on selling your aircraft. 

In our brokerage process, we can:

  • Obtain professional photos of the aircraft.
  • Convert all logs to digital for owner reference and buyer review.
  • Arrange for sales demonstration flights covered by our insurance.
  • Obtain a ferry permit or get the aircraft in annual.
  • Arrange for an export certificate of airworthiness for foreign buyers.
  • Process registration, including expedited registration.
  • Prepare bill of sale & sales contract.
  • Consult with buyers about obtaining airworthiness in their own country.
  • Complete customs paperwork if applicable.
  • Visa assistance for potential buyers.
  • Handling for international flights
  • Language assistance/translating
  • Deliver the aircraft and/or provide training to the new owner.

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